Review: Herbs, Immunity and nCOVID-19: Old performers in new Pandemic


Pak J Pharm Sci. 2020 Jul;33(4):1747-1753.


The novel coronavirus (nCOVID-19) has spread to endless nations and turn out to be a pandemic around the globe. Because of the developing number of affirmed cases and open public hazard owing to its high risk of infection rate, it has expected a lot of consideration from world health organizations and national health regulatory and monitoring agencies. The world is in surge to explore or discover novel treatment options and vaccine that can lead to cure. There is no proven effective treatment for nCOVID-19 however along with available antiviral therapy Chinese researchers recommended herbal treatments as effective and alternative treatments options to treat this pandemic. Herbal products are wealthy in dynamic phytochemicals, such as the terpenoids, various collection of flavonoids, sulfides, lignans constiuents, coumarins concentrates, saponins moities, polyphenolics composite, numerous alkaloids, polyines, furyl mixtures, proteins and related compounds, thiophenes and peptides groups. In this review we discussed pathogeneis, immunity and current herbal treatment strategies of nCOVID-19 to cure this world wide pandemic.