Ecommerce Web Site Development Course

If you are thinking about getting into ecommerce website development, start with a readymade website and a team that has sufficient experience in setting-up and running such websites rather than starting from ground zero.

We can help you learn all the basics. Among some of the many components you will learn are:

Types of ecommerce platforms that can be used
Level of skills required to run that platform
How to setup categories, products, images, prices and discounts
What SEO words to select and where to get them
How to configure modules, themes, layouts, shipping, and payments
How to ensure website is mobile and tablet friendly
How to get the site listed on Google Search
Which domain name to select and how to buy it
How to prevent the website from being hacked and damaged

When you learn with a readymade ecommerce website you also get to learn how to setup the domain it is registered under along with any search engine profiles associated with that domain.

In addition to the training you will get an official completion certificate and experience letter from our company for working on our ecommerce projects.