Effect of Nigella sativa, atorvastatin, or L-Carnitine on high fat diet-induced obesity in adult male Albino rats

Obesity is increasing rapidly across the globe. It is widely accepted that natural products with a long safety background may modulate obesity. The current work aimed to investigate the effect of Nigella sativa, atorvastatin, or L-Carnitine on high-fat diet-induced obesity in white male albino rats. A regular basal diet was fed to 7 rats, and a high-fat diet (HFD) was fed to 24 rats throughout the study for 12 weeks. The HFD group was split equally into four subgroups, each containing six rats. The first group fed on HFD with no medication, the second group received HFD+ Nigella sativa, the third group received HFD+ atorvastatin, and the fourth group received HFD+L-carnitine. At the beginning of the seventh week (the start of the treatment regimen), Nigella sativa, atorvastatin, or L-Carnitine were administered for six weeks. Glucose, body weight, serum atherogenic index (AI), ALT, and AST activities were analyzed. The pathological alterations in the hepatic tissues were examined microscopically and scored. The results revealed that the HFD diet significantly increased the final body weight, serum AI, and serum levels of liver enzymes. Treatment with L-carnitine or Nigella sativa significantly normalized the lipid profile and decreased the final body weight, serum AI, and Serum ALT. Histopathological examination of the liver of HFD received rats showed features of steatosis, which were mitigated by the administration of Nigella sativa or L-Carnitine, while atorvastatin had no significant effect on the improvement of hepatic lesions. Collectively, study findings showed that Nigella sativa or L-Carnitine has mitigated effects on metabolic and histopathological changes in the liver tissues of rats fed with HFD.

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