TOEFL Preparation


Tips to attain good scores in TOEFL

If you are one of those international students who are seeking to pursue their career in any of the U.S based universities, you will need to take a special test called TOEFL. What is TOEFL? To summarize, TOEFL stands for Test of English as Foreign Language. Many students apply for TOEFL but very few of them are able to get through the exam with the adequate score that is needed to be able to qualify for an international university. However, passing TOEFL is not much of a deal if you are able to focus on the following points. The benefit of this will be that you will not get astray and you can expect to remain centered on the techniques that bear practical importance on a student’s ability to pass TOEFL.

Clarity of mind. The first and foremost. Before getting yourself enrolled for a TOEFL exam, it is always best to take out some time and reflect on questions like ‘Why do I want to take this exam?’ and ‘How to gain the wished target?’ Clarity of mind also incorporates an appropriate appreciation of the precise nature of TOEFL examination and the varied range of topics that you can expect to be tested in the TOEFL examination. It is highly recommended that you do NOT go for the exam unless you have given a meticulous thought to it.

Try to learn things more practically. When you are to appear in an exam as practical as TOEFL, first thing you might want to avoid is cramming. It is highly advised that you do NOT cram if you are serious about passing TOEFL with a good score. TOEFL expects candidates to possess certain personal characteristics and one of these traits is the candidate’s ability to deal with the situation on their own skills. Cramming is very likely to end up in failure. The kinds of questions that are asked in TOEFL examination vary to a great degree. No two questions ever match and each of those questions requires the candidate to answer them applying their own rational thinking skills.

Continuous practice. One of the most important keys to pass TOEFL is to have a good command over the English language and skills. Try practicing English by watching movies, listening to everyday news, reading newspapers and communicating in English with your family, friends or even pets. All that matters is that you practice and practice hard. The more you practice, the more your chances of passing the exam securing desirable marks.

Prepare mentally for TOEFL. One of the most important techniques to remember is not to lose your calm in the exam. Take some time out of the hectic preparations and give your mind some rest that it deserves for working so hard. This will help you stay in position during the examination and will also allow you a comfortable thinking skill while dealing with the diversified exam situations. A free and cook state of mind is considered a must for anyone appearing in TOEFL. It is important that you do not get your mind over burdened with the exam. The trick is staying cool and avoid taking too much pressure.

Get to know TOEFL. The reason why many people fail to attain the score that they desire in TOEFL is due to the fact that they fail to acquiesce themselves with TOEFL exam format. You are expected to bear in mind that TOEFL is an internet-based test (iBT) and is prepared by internationally popular academics body. You need to bear all these factors in mind while going for the exam and make suitable efforts to familiarize yourself with the exam format. Internet can be of enormous help in this regard. Use all the means you can to get to know the TOEFL more and more. As your knowledge about the format of the test increases, you will feel more confident and encouraged to perform better in the exam. Here are four parts of the TOEFL that you are going to be examined in

  • Reading. This will be a test of your reading skills. It comprises of different reports, paragraphs and you are required to answer numerous questions pertaining with them and make sense out of it. The study of newspapers on a regular basis can give you a really good practice in reading format.
  • Listening. If you want to improve your English listening skills, the best thing to do is to watch English movies and news.
  • Speaking. This is the part where most of the candidates get stuck. The reason being the fact that speaking good English is the most practical thing to do than reading, writing or listening. To enhance your speaking skills, you need to try practice speaking in English. You may practice English speaking with different people around you. You may talk to your friends, family and colleagues. Your cat can also be a good supporting friend to talk English to.
  • Writing. To improve your writing skills, you will need to think about your favorite topics and try writing short essays on them. This will give you really helpful practice in advancing your writing and analytical skills.

Keep a target score to achieve. Efforts made without an appropriate target set in mind are usually not as beneficial as the ones which are made with a clear focus in view. It is highly recommended that you set a minimum target score in mind and put in best of your efforts to achieve that. This will solve your many troubles and will save a lot of your time and energy. You will be able to work according to the target that you desire to attain and all your energies will be focused towards this end.

Despite all your tutor’s efforts and struggles to help you achieve the wishes for success in TOEFL, remember that it is eventually you who has to stand and face the exam. Therefore, keep confidence and do not panic under any situation. The answer is right there and you can do this.