Intermediate Level 1

This course is designed to help students solidify their Intermediate language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing English. The course will help students expand and extend their knowledge of English to more complex and unfamiliar situations. They will be developing skills to use more complex English constructions. Instructors will direct students to rely less on body language and to incorporate all the knowledge they have learned in previous courses when speaking, listening, reading and writing in English and/or with English speakers.


  • Communicate with some confidence in casual social conversations and in some less routine situations on familiar topics of personal relevance.
  • Communicate facts and ideas in some detail.
  • Follow the main ideas and identify key words and important details in verbal communication, and in moderately demanding contexts of language use (face to face formal and informal conversations, audio tapes and radio broadcasts) on relevant topics.
  • Follow main ideas, key words and important details in a one page (three to five paragraphs) plain language authentic prose and non-prose text in moderately demanding contexts of language use.
  • Get new information about familiar topics from reading mostly factual texts with clear organization, and within familiar background knowledge and experience.
  • Write one- to two- paragraph letters and compositions.
  • Use and understand a range of common everyday vocabulary, some common phrases and idioms.