Business English

As the business world continues to become a close-knit global community, men and women from around the world are learning English in a professional capacity.

Our Business English teachers have competency in business and finance and use a wide variety of business vocabulary and themes from sources such as the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review to include in the courses.

We understand that our Business English students are learning English for professional purposes. This is why our teachers prepare in advance and are able to properly answer your questions on topics such as meeting management, negotiations in English and more.

We know that students who need basic business English for the office setting will need a good vocabulary and basic conversational skills, while managers who’re expected to give presentations will need to work much more heavily on pronunciation and speaking skills.

Before starting any Business English class, our teachers conduct a survey to find out what experience (and strengths/weaknesses, if applicable) their students already have in English and how they expect learning English will better their careers.