Beginner Level 3

This course will help students develop beginning Intermediate language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing English. Students will be able to use the basic language skills they learned at the beginner’s level courses and expand that knowledge and usage to more complicated settings. They will develop skills to effectively use language in increasingly more complicated and unfamiliar situations.


  • Participate in most routine social conversations and talk about needs and familiar topics of personal relevance.
  • Understand simple exchanges, short sets of common daily instructions and directions, direct questions about personal experience and familiar topics, routine media announcements, etc.
  • Understand the purpose, main ideas and some detail in some authentic two- to three- paragraph texts.
  • Effectively convey an idea, opinion, feeling or experience in a simple paragraph.
  • Write short letters and notes on a familiar topic.
  • Use and understand a range of common everyday vocabulary.
  • Use a variety of simple structures and some complex ones when speaking.
  • Effectively communicate basic needs in a culturally appropriate manner.