Advanced Level

This course is designed to help students fine-tune their advanced English language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing English. The course will extend students’ communicative competence to an advanced level of proficiency, refining the use and understanding of the intricacies of English. They will have many opportunities to carry out communicative tasks that require an exchange of information and negotiation of meaning, will extend their oral and grammatical skills, and will have a lot of opportunities to practice them in authentic communicative contexts.


  • Independently obtain, provide and exchange key information for important personal tasks, in complex routine and a few non-routine situations.
  • Actively and effectively participate in 30-minute formal exchanges about complex, abstract, conceptual and detailed information and ideas to analyze, problem-solve and make decisions.
  • Comprehend main points, details, speaker’s purpose, attitudes, levels of formality and styles when communicating in moderately demanding contexts of language use.
  • Comprehend an expanded range of concrete, abstract and conceptual language.
  • Can determine mood, attitudes and feelings.
  • Read authentic multipurpose texts: newspaper items, short stories and popular novels, sections of textbooks, simple routine business letters and documents.
  • Read in English for ideas and opinions, to find general information and specific details, to learn content areas, to learn the language, to develop reading skills and for pleasure.
  • Sufficiently grasp the meaning of text to paraphrase or summarize key points.
  • Write to offer and request information, clarification, confirmation, agreement/commitment, and to express feelings, opinions and ideas to mostly familiar and sometimes unfamiliar readers.
  • Demonstrate good control over common sentence patterns, coordination and subordination, and spelling and mechanics.
  • Interact and communicate with other English speakers in a culturally appropriate manner.