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Work at Home Business Opportunity to Make Money in Pakistan

Start Your Own Stationery Shop from Home


  • Overview

    All businesses, schools and kids need stationery items; not once but each and every month throughout the year. If you know any business in your area such as schools, colleges, universities, hotels, factories, etc, or know people at senior positions at such businesses, you can sign-up with us as an "affiliate" and start selling stationery to them and make a good living for yourself and your family.

  • Unlimited Opportunities

    The possibilities are endless. Use your contacts to sell to schools, colleges and universities. Set-up regular monthly supply arrangements with offices, factories and restaurants. Become a re-seller by ordering wholesale from us and selling to stationery shops all over your city. Inform your neighbors that you are a home-based seller and make them your permanent customers.

  • Unlimited Convenience

    Because all deliveries are made at your doorstep, you never have to visit wholesalers, commercial centers or other bazaars to buy your products. Simply place your orders online and we will send them straight to your home. Housewives, physically challenged persons or elderly people can now earn a good income without the worries of bulk buying.

  • Unlimited Products

    We not only offer stationery items but many other products that are needed by businesses and institutions. Our list of product offering is growing with each passing day as more and more manufacturers and suppliers partner with us.

  • Unlimited Markets

    Think out-of-the-box. Many of our products can be sold to other users. Reach out to kids in your neighborhood and tell them that you stock stationery of all sorts. Inform moms and housewives that you sell hotel-grade white-ware from our crockery and cutlery range. Invite relatives over to shop for head phones, keyboards, pointing devices etc from our computer accessories section. Take preorders and advance payments from those who trust you and ask them to collect when the goods arrive.

  • Unlimited Marketing Support

    We provide ready-made marketing content in shape of emails and pamphlets to help you reach and convince your target customers with ease. Our online support team provides helpful ideas, lists, leads and names of potential customers in your city - all with the aim to help you succeed.

  • 100% Risk Free Business Model

    The model is pretty simple. You order when your client orders. This ensures that you do not carry any inventory risk. Let's say your client requires 100 boxes of pens. You take the order from your client and place an online order with us. We deliver to you against cash on delivery. You then deliver to your client against cash on delivery.

  • Easy Sign-Up Process

    Simply Contact Us to register for our Work at Home Business Opportunity Affiliate Program and we will help you get on board as soon as possible.