100 Amazing Reasons Black Seed is the World’s Best Medicine

Black Seed and Black Seed Oil (Kalonji) has been used by humanity for thousands of years. Black seeds were found in King Tut’s tomb and even Prophet Muhammad mentioned that black seed has the cure for all illnesses except death.

Although the power of black seed to cure a wide range of ailments as well as increase efficacy of existing treatment methods has been known by scholars and scientists for many years, the actual research as to how it can be used to manage even diseases as deadly as cancer remains hidden deep within medical journals and thesis papers.

To gain better insight into the miracle of black seed and black seed oil and how it is able to not only improve but even cure some of humanity’s most dangerous of diseases, we have aggregated ongoing research information and categorized it by disease. This information is regularly updated to ensure any new research on black seed is included in this archive.

We invite individuals from both medical and non-medical professions to gain maximum benefit from this data. All information is linked to its original source and is provided to increase public awareness.