Motion Sensors

For most people, energy saving means, “alternate” energy and buzz words such as solar, wind, hydro, geo-thermal and bio-mass etc. What we don’t realize is that energy saving is something much more simple, something as easy as … Turning Off the Lights!

They say “Habits are hard to change”. Why not let technology do the hard work for us?

Introducing the ideal product for energy saving that is affordable, adaptable, easy to install and easy to replace.

The Motion Sensor Bulb Holder turns off any bulb when no one is around. It is ideal for Locations where people usually forget to turn off the lights such as bathrooms, kitchens, store rooms, hallways, garage, patios and many other places.

The sensor fitted inside the bulb holder monitors for body heat and movement and when there is none, it automatically turns of the light even if the switch is left on. As soon as there is movement in the room, the sensor turns the light back on.